It’s National Apprenticeship Week! Read about The Belvoir Group’s apprentices.

Grantham College takes great pride in our collaboration with The Belvoir Group to offer apprenticeship opportunities. Discover more about the apprentices at The Belvoir Group here:

“The Belvoir Group believes strongly in the benefits offered by an apprenticeship scheme to both the business and the individual, which is why we have partnered with Grantham College to offer 14 apprenticeships in the last 7 years. 

Through an apprenticeship scheme, we have been able to provide young people, who have recently finished full-time education, with a solid beginning to a long career path. We aim to give them the foundation and development that will enable them to move on to a more advanced role at the end of their apprenticeship, whether that be internally or externally. We have seen 6 young people complete their apprenticeships with the college and move on to the next stage of their careers, either through further qualifications, permanent roles within the business or moving on to a new challenge elsewhere. Being able to combine the academic development from the college tuition with the onsite training, interaction with the public and the real-life situations that they experience in the workplace, is a great way to gain a well-rounded learning experience that sets them up for the future. 

Our apprentices have demonstrated a high level of drive and motivation, with an eagerness to learn and develop to contribute to the wider team. What’s more, we have found that as we help them progress with the tasks they complete in the workplace, the skills that they are picking up through their studies at the college present themselves frequently and effectively, as they are able to bring new skills into the team and question things to deepen their rounded understanding. 

Our first apprentice, Catalyn, perfectly embodied the purpose of an apprenticeship. Having attained a level 2 Business Studies BTEC at the College, she progressed through her AAT accounting qualification, developing a keen eye for detail and an ability to spot where things didn’t look quite right. This proved to be hugely beneficial to her because having qualified, she transferred her financial skills to our internal audit department where she would be reviewing and checking the processes of over 300 franchised offices. Her financial background was of huge benefit to the audit team because her more specialized knowledge over the accounting queries enabled them to carry out their reviews to a greater level of detail. 

Another of our accounting apprentices, Adam, also saw the merit in an ‘on-the-job learning experience’. Adam was able to work his way through his AAT accounting qualification whilst developing his personal skills in the workplace and has since remained in the business in a permanent role, becoming one of our management accountants. Having completed his AAT qualifications, Adam is currently progressing through his chartered exams.

“The idea of completing the relevant qualifications whilst working in a business always appealed to me, as I would be able to learn things in the workplace that you would not pick up at university. My apprenticeship journey at Belvoir has been everything I could have asked for.  The level of support from my peers and the workplace experience have built the foundations for my long-term career.”

-Adam (The Belvoir Group)

Our 4 younger apprentices in the finance department now benefit from having someone, in Adam, who has experienced the apprenticeship himself and is able to help them navigate their way through their qualification.”


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