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What can I expect?

At Grantham College we offer a range of highly popular languages classes in French and Italian. 

The courses are for people who want to feel more confident when travelling on holiday or want to have a working knowledge of the language.

Which stage is right for you?

Each stage leads on from the one before; however, you can sign up for any of the stages, depending on your existing knowledge and at the discretion of the tutor.

Beginners 1 (Leisure & Business) - A three-week introductory course for complete beginners.

Beginners 2 – A three-week beginner course, covering topics such as shops and shopping, food and drink and expressing your likes and dislikes.

Beginners 3 - This three-week course will cover topics such as dining out and shopping for clothes.

Improvers 1 – This six-week course will cover dealing with problems that may occur on holiday, such as feeling unwell and reporting emergencies.

Improvers 2 – This six-week course will cover holidaying in your chosen country.  This may include booking activities or accommodation, hiring a vehicle or equipment, and understanding opening and closing times. 

Completers – This seven-week course will introduce new topics as well as consolidate the topics and grammar explored in all the previous stages.

These courses do not lead to a formal qualification but are designed around the students’ requirements.

‘Enjoyed the taster course very much. Feel much more confident and will be able to use when travelling on holiday.’
‘Excellent start to master basics – enjoyed the relaxed approach to learning another language’
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