Work Experience and Industry Placements

Work Placements enable a young person to spend time on an employer’s premises. Among other things, they will be able to observe the workplace, complete tasks under adult supervision and develop the skills and behaviours required in the workplace.

Work placements are a great way to support 16-19 year old students to develop their employability and help them to learn the skills that your business requires from its future workforce.

How can work experience and industry placements benefit your business:

  • Meet and mentor your future workforce.
  • Identify talented individuals and take a good look at a potential employee.
  • Students can offer fresh perspectives for you, as well as being an additional capable resource.
  • A useful extra pair of hands to help speed up jobs.
  • Develop existing employees. Provide your employees with management opportunities, helping them to feel motivated and grow their loyalty to your business.

Types of work placements:

Industry Placements – are part of the new T Level qualifications which will help students to hone their technical skills whilst gaining vital on-the-job training. Industry Placements are 315 hours in length and are to be completed over the two years of the qualification. (315 hours works out at around 45 days, depending on day lengths). Students will attend placement one or two days per week over a specific period to fit in with their course delivery model. Employability skills are built into the T Level, so students will have an idea of what employers are looking for and how to conduct themselves in the workplace.

Work Experience – Your work experience will usually be arranged with a local employer and so will, as far as possible, be within easy travelling distance from your home address. Work experience cannot be paid, but it is nevertheless a real investment in your future.

Each student’s work experience  must last for a minimum of 30 hours and usually takes place over the course of one week, Monday – Friday.  Some employers might prefer to arrange your hours differently, for instance you may attend for one day a week over a number of weeks instead. You will set targets for your work experience and complete a logbook to note down and reflect on all you achieve

We know that you may have questions about offering a work placement to a student so we have put together a handy list of FAQs that may help.

What is the benefit to me as a business for taking on work placement students?

Many of our employers we work with use work experience as a fantastic way of demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

Not only does offering work experience help young people in your local community to develop their work skills and ensure they enjoy the roles they are looking to secure in the future, but it also ensures businesses have played a part in developing the talent of their future workforce.

Many of our employers find their future recruits through offering work placement.

By working with the college to provide case studies of your experience we can also promote via our website and other social media and digital marketing channels so you have the benefit of lots of free marketing!

How many students do I need to provide work placements for?

That depends on how many placements you can offer! There is no maximum or minimum. Whether it is a one off, or you’d like to offer regular or multiple placements, please do get in touch!

Do I have to pay learners for work placements?

There is no requirement to pay learners. The is no requirement to cover expenses either.

Can I ask leaners to stop attending their work placement if I am not happy with their performance?

Yes – however, please do get in contact with us first so we can discuss and determine the best way forward for all involved.

Why do I need a Employers’ liability Insurance for a work placement?

You must get a Employers’ Liability insurance (ELI) as soon as you become an employer (work experience counts as employing a person even if you don’t pay them) – your policy must cover you for at least £5 million and come from an authorised insurer.

This falls under the Employers’ Liability Act 1969.

We are unable to approve a work placement without this. Please get in touch to discuss if you need further guidance on this.

Short testimonials outlining the positive experience employers have had with a student on a work experience placement.

Engineering work placement at Pentangle Engineering Services Limited.

Sienna, who completed her work placement with Pentangle Engineering Services Limited, has experienced first hand a varied set of roles, including programming, welding, developing and even some off-site projects.

She said: “This is a fantastic experience and I have been expanding my knowledge in different areas and learning first hand. For me, this is the most sensible way to learn, by observing in situ and then giving it a go yourself.

“The team are great and give me clear instructions, supporting me until I have mastered each task. I then have a mix of supervised and unsupervised roles, and every day is different.”

Media work placement at Property Video Solutions.

Grantham College Media student Chae Price has won a ‘five-star review’ and a job o er from local company Property Video Solutions after competing in a challenge to create a short film to showcase Grantham.

Chris England, Managing Director of Property Video Solutions, said “during his work experience with us, Chae quickly displayed all the attributes we look for in an employee: commitment, drive and wanting to do well. He continually looked to support other sta  and was willing to help with any job that needed doing. Also, unusually for a young person these days, he was never distracted by his mobile phone! We could instantly see that he would be a great addition to our team.”

Chae says he is very grateful for the opportunities he’s been given by Property Video Solutions, with the chance to develop his skills and knowledge, and, to talk to the sta  about the projects they have been involved with. He said, “It has been a real insight into what it’s like to work in the real world and has helped me to create a clearer vision of my future career in the industry.”

To find out more, or to discuss other way your business can partner with Grantham College, please contact our team on the details below.

Gemma Harley – Employment Engagement Officer

T: 01746 400225


Caroline Kearsey – Work Experience Co-ordinator

T: 01476 400264


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