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Earn while you learn with an apprenticeship!

Getting paid while you learn might sound too good to be true – but as an apprentice with Grantham College you really do get the best of both worlds. While you are studying towards your qualifications, you will be able to gain valuable work experience, and develop real life work skills, whilst getting paid at least the minimum wage rate for an apprentice.

Grantham College has built up an excellent record for student success and has enabled students to gain nationally recognised qualifications and formal skills within the workplace.

"Apprentices benefit from a wide range of teaching and learning activities in both on- and off-the-job training that build on their existing skills and knowledge. They use their newly acquired technical skills to enhance their competence in the workplace. Their progress reviews are thorough and comprehensive." - Ofsted, September 2017

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Apprenticeships Advisor Team:

Amy Watts | Renewable Energy Centre, Engineering, Automotive, IT

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Tel: 07850 507202


Holly Burton | Renewable Energy Centre, Engineering, Automotive, IT

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Tel: 07850 507206


Michelle Neil | Renewable Energy Centre, Engineering, Automotive, IT

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Tel: 07850 507207


Emma Sudlow | Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Hospitality & Catering

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Tel: 07850507196


Linda Broomfield



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