Student Mentors

The Student Mentor Team are here to support you during your time here at the College.  Their key role is to ensure that you choose the most appropriate course, are able to attend and achieve your qualification.  They are also responsible for conducting full time student interviews, so they may well have been your first contact with the college, before starting your course.

Left - right: Steve Parsons, Caroline Eyre, Robert Moreland, Deborah Wood & David Ferguson.


Each Student Mentor has a group of specific subject areas that they are responsible for;


Caroline Eyre (Senior Student Mentor) - Travel, Sport, Computing, Business and Access to HE

01476 404304

Steve Parsons - Engineering, Animal Care, Media, Automotive and Public Services

01476 404307

Robert Moreland - R2E, Pathways and Learning Development

01476 400264

Deborah Wood - Construction, Applied Science, Health & Social Care and Construction

01476 400236

David Ferguson - Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Catering and Hair & Beauty           

01476 404383

The team are located in the Student Mentor Area of the College, which is accessible via the Link Block Corridor.