Counselling, Mental Health & Wellbeing Service

The Counselling, Mental Health & Wellbeing Service is available for students who may have personal problems, difficulties or concerns relating to college or home.

What you can expect from the service

The service aims to help you:

  • fulfil your potential;
  • help you deal with what you can't change;
  • solve your problems.

Our specialist team will do their very best to:

  • get you the right self-help resources;
  • point you to online help;
  • refer you to other services;
  • see you on a 1 to 1 basis.

What happens when you contact the service?

Your first appointment will be with the Mental Health and Wellbeing Advisor, Lorna Hollands, who will listen to you and find out how your problems are affecting your life. We will discuss the different help that is available and you decide what is right for you.

This could be self-help literature, guided self-help with the Mental Health and Wellbeing Advisor or one to one sessions with a counsellor. In some cases you may be advised to see your GP for referral to health services.

Booking an appointment

Appointments can be booked during term time at the Counselling, Mental Health & Wellbeing Service, Ground Floor (next to the reception desk).

Telephone: 01476 414413


via the Student Information (Advice & Guidance) desk.

Rachel Clark, College Counsellor


Lorna Hollands, Mental Health & Wellbeing Advisor



Click here for Safeguarding or Mental Health advice. 


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