Young Carer Awareness Day

Thursday 30 January 2020. #countmein

Thursday 30 January 2020 is Young Carer Awareness Day. This annual event is designed to recognise the work of Young Carers, raise awareness about the challenges they face and campaign for more support. 

In the UK there are approximately 700,000 Young Carers who provide help and support to someone with an illness or disability. In Lincolnshire, there are an estimated 6000. Their caring roles can include administering medicine, managing the family finances, cooking, housework, food shopping, looking after siblings and providing physical and emotional support but no two carer stories are the same!

This year’s theme is ‘Count Me In’ which aims to focus on support for Young Carers in Education. This is because without support, a caring role can affect a young person’s self-confidence, academic achievement and ability to achieve their full potential. Research shows that 27% of young carers miss school or experience difficulties such as completing homework, getting to school on time and concentrating in class. This can be exacerbated if they are tired from caring or are worried about the person they care for. In addition to this, many have been bullied because of their caring role. Long term impacts of this can include significantly lower attainment and an increased likelihood of being ‘Not in education, employment or training’ (NEET). 

As part of the ‘Count Me In’ campaign, there are calls for Young Carers to be recognised as vulnerable learners and for compulsory education providers to more proactively identify, recognise and support Young Carers.  

Young Carer Awareness Day is a fantastic opportunity to shine a spotlight on young carers. You can join in the conversation on Carers through #youngcarerawarenessday and #countmein. 

Happy Young Carer Awareness Day!