Women to be celebrated on World Humanitarianism Day

United Nations event held annually on August 19

Today is World Humanitarianism Day, which aims to recognise all the people who have dedicated their lives to those in need all over the world. 

It’s a day officially recognised by the United Nations, who view the event as an opportunity to “pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service.”

This year's World Humanitarianism Day focuses on honouring the work of women in crises throughout the world - you may see #WomenHumanitarians trending on Twitter at some point today!

Did you know that between 2015 and 2016 aid from the UK reached 5 million people globally?

What is humanitarianism?

Humanitarianism is the general belief that human life should be valued, with the goal of bettering humanity as a whole. A humanitarian is someone who seeks to promote human welfare and save lives. 

You probably have heard the term in the news at some point. Humanitarians work all over the world, in both rich and poor countries. 

Is being a humanitarian a job?

Some do get paid for their work – however, a large percentage give up their time and effort as an act of goodwill. Regardless, everyone who devotes their life to helping others deserves to be recognised, which is why the UN holds World Humanitarian Day on August 19 every year.