Website launch

We listened, we responded and we updated. Our new website has now gone live!

We listened, we responded and we updated.  We are now live.

A couple of years ago I attended a conference where Bonnie Greer (acclaimed play-write, novelist and Chancellor of Kingston University) kicked off the event with an opening remark.  Bonnie asked us, the audience, to open our eyes, look around and realise that we are in the midst of a technological revolution.  I think her exact remarks were “you’re all so busy flicking your phones and tablets, heads down and eyes glued to screens that you don’t even realise what is happening in the world around you”.  On reflection, this sentiment is quite accurate and we’re all guilty of spending our days and evenings glued to our screens, checking out social media and searching the web for endless amounts of information.   Because of this, and the need for people to access information at their fingertips we asked various groups of students to review our previous website in 2015.

We asked students how we might go about improving the Grantham College website and they told us.  With this useful information we reviewed our previous website and decided that we needed to modernise its look, feel and accessibility and hey-presto, here we have it.  You should  notice a more engaging website with images and content specifically relating to our students; who we are immensely proud of.  You’ll also start to notice information regarding student services and support being uploaded so that you can find all of the information you could possibly need about student life at Grantham College right here in one place.  Over the past few months we have been checking the accuracy of course-related information and so you’ll notice that has been checked and uploaded first, but in the second phase of the development we will be focussing on films/videos of successful students to inspire you to achieve more than you ever expected whilst you’re a student at the College.

If you want to feed back on the new website, or wish to see something in particular included on it then please email and we’ll include it as part of the initial feedback.  Your opinion matters, it will be listened to and acted on where possible.  Our website will be a constantly evolving source of information about everything which happens at the college.  If you have stories to tell or information to share then get in touch with us and we’ll post it on the website for the world to see.  It is our students which make our college a great place to be; we simply need to let everyone else know that. 

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Drew Richardson-Walsh, Assistant Principal – Services for Students (February 2016)