Unknown facts about BTECs

Key facts that you need to know before deciding between A Levels, a BTEC or an Apprenticeship!

Are you finishing your GCSEs soon and thinking about what to do next? It must seem like yesterday that you were choosing your GCSE options and you thought that was tricky! So how are you now going to narrow down your options and choose which to progress onto? Are the subjects you’ve picked a good choice for the uni you want to go to?

With so many different paths to choose from it can be stressful choosing the one that is right for you. We understand that everyone has different talents in different areas. We love both A Levels and BTECs as they both meet the needs of different individuals. However, there is a ridiculous myth that BTECs are a second option or for students that don’t do well academically which is completely false! Therefore, we have come up with a list of top facts that you need to know about BTECs before you make your decision:

1. You CAN go to Uni with a BTEC! BTECs are awarded the same as A Level UCAS points and do not limit a student who wants to progress onto higher education.

2. In 2015, 1 in 4 students who got into university in the UK did so with a BTEC which is double the number from 2008.

3. 4 out of 5 of BTEC students go on to receive a first or second class degree.


4. 37% of businesses prefer recruits to hold a mix of academic and vocational qualifications or value them equally.

5. Learners who hold BTEC qualifications have high rates of progression between learning levels compared to other types of vocational qualification.

6. BTEC gives you a route into employability much faster because it’s giving you the tools and techniques that can be very valuable to an employer.

7. The number of A Level students getting ABB grades has fallen while the number of BTEC students achieving the equivalent, has gone up by more than 16%.


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