True or False?

We're here to do some myth busting!

There are soooo many myths surrounding coming to college so we’re here to debunk them and reveal the truth!

1. BTECs aren’t as good as A Levels


A Level 3 BTEC is actually equivalent to 3 A Levels, they’re just graded differently. So, rather than leaving sixth form with say, 2 B’s and a C, you might leave college with Merit, Merit, Pass. You’ll also learn in a different way as BTECs are much more hands on and practical. So, if you learn by doing, a BTEC might be the best route for you.

2. You can’t go to Uni after college


Just because you went to college rather than sixth form, it doesn’t mean you’re treated any differently. You’ll still earn UCAS points with our level 3 qualifications which you’ll need if you want to study further and we even have University Level qualifications at college so if you want to keep going but don’t want to move away or pay sky high fees, you’d be able to keep going in our very own University Centre.

3. You won’t earn much if you do an apprenticeship


In actual fact, you’ll be earning more than those doing a BTEC or A Levels as there is a requirement to pay apprentices. Minimum wage for apprentices as of April 2019, is £3.90 an hour and some businesses or employers might even pay more than that. Studies also show that those who’ve done an apprenticeship earn more in quicker succession.

4. If you fail your GCSEs, you can’t go to college


If you don’t quite get what you thought you’d get for whatever reason, do not panic! There is something for everyone here at college with the option of resitting English & maths GCSEs. We have courses at all levels so you’ll just start at a lower level and work your way up. 

5. College is the place to reinvent yourself

Finally, some TRUTH!

At college, our students feel really confident in expressing themselves. The independence you get at college allows you to be who you want to be and is a fresh start from the world of school which you’ve known for so many years.

6. You can do what you want at college

Back to those pesky myths again!

Just because you’ve got more freedom and independence at college, it certainly doesn’t mean that you can get away with turning up to classes late or skiving every Friday! Remember, attitudes like that won’t cut it in the world of work, so why would it be any different at college?

7. You won’t get good experience if you do a BTEC


As part of all our courses at college, students will go through a minimum of 30 hours of work experience per year. Lots of our courses like to work with local employers or self-start up businesses so if you’re a Graphic Design student, you might design a leaflet for someone’s company or if you’re a media student, you might make a music video for a singer. Having this experience looks great on your CV and will give you that extra edge against someone who has simply sat exams from what they’ve learnt in a text book.

8. The teaching standard isn’t as high as at school

Possibly the biggest myth of them all!

Our teaching staff come from the industry that they’re now teaching you. We’ve got hairdressing lecturers who have taught in prisons, we’ve got performing arts lecturers who’ve been on stage with big names, you name it, they’ve probably done it! So, the people you’re learning from, are bringing hints and tips from the world of work which will be invaluable to you when you enter the industry.

9. If you want to go to Uni, you must do A Levels

Ok, maybe this is the biggest myth of them all.

If you want to go to university, it most certainly doesn’t mean that you must study A Levels! We recommend that if you know you want to go to uni, have a look at a few that offer the course that you want to do and see what their entry requirements are. If you want to study medicine for seven years then yes, A Levels would be your best option but perhaps you want to be an events manager? In that case, our Business BTEC is a great option for you. Maybe you want to be a quantity surveyor? Come to college and sign up to a construction course then!

10. You won’t know anyone, so you’ll be lonely

Yet more lies, lies, liiiieeeesssss!

Yes, you’ll be nervous on your first day but we’ll let you into a little secret…. everyone else is feeling exactly the same way you are! Don’t forget that the people on your course are very like-minded as you’ve got an interest in the same subject. The chances are that most people on your course don’t know anyone else in the class so you’re all in the same boat and it’s the best chance you’ll have at making a new circle of friends!

11. College’s facilities are rubbish


We don’t mean to brag but our facilities are excellent. We’ve got an amazing restaurant which our catering students learn to cook and serve the public in. R&R Salons which is where you’ll find the cheapest and most relaxing treatments. Not to mention our newly renovated media classrooms with brand-spanking-new iMacs! We’ve also just been awarded £2.6mil to invest into the Institute of Technology so by October 2020, we’ll have the best facilities going!

12. You won’t go on any trips if you go to college


When you hear about the trips you get to go on as a student at college, you’ll forget the rest of your options! Warner Brothers Studios, Alton Towers, the zoo, museums in London, trips abroad, need I say more? Also, read up on the Erasmus+ scheme. All-expenses-paid trip abroad for two weeks? Yes please!

13. College is just like school


You’re not at college 5 days a week, all day long. You don’t have to call your teachers “Miss” or “Sir”, you’ll call them by their first name. You can wear what you like (within reason!). 

14. Only people who can’t do A Levels go to college

No way, José!

A Levels aren’t for everyone so coming to college doesn’t mean that you’re thick or you’ve chosen the second-best option. College is much more vocational and will suit some people better. It all depends on what you want to do when you’re older, what learning style suits you and whether you’d like more freedom.

15. You don’t get support at college

Yet another MYTH. *eyeroll*

We love supporting each other at college. Our staff are so friendly and willing to help absolutely anybody. We have different teams of support so whether you need help with dyslexia, study skills, any learning issues or maybe you’d like to speak to one of our counsellors about some issues you might be facing, there is someone for you to chat to about anything at all. We also have a team of student mentors and each one is assigned to certain subject areas – these are the people who will most likely be your first port of call!

16. Apprenticeships aren’t a recognised qualification so you shouldn’t do that

MYTH – when will they end?! 

Apprenticeships are a nationally recognised qualification and lots of people these days keep going all the way through to degree level apprenticeships. They’re such a great way of getting real life work experience, giving you the skills you need to do your job pretty much straight away. 

17. You get treated like an adult at college

TRUE! We like ending on a high

Yes, yes, yes. At college, you’re responsible for yourself. We like our students to know that they’re responsible for their own successes. Everyone is treated equally here and it’s such great preparation for university or the world of work.


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