Travel students work with local community

Local children benefit from fun activities organised by students

Travel & Tourism students have been busy putting on activities for children as part of their Children’s Representative assignment for their Travel qualification. The first group organised an activity for children at Grantham Museum during half term. The students ran two sessions - one in the morning and one in the afternoon - which included a range of activities for the 28 children that signed up. These included Flight School where the children made and decorated paper aeroplanes and had to fly them through a target. The second task was to create Isaac Newton heads using paper plates. Linking to Isaac Newtown and his law of Gravity, apple decorating was another task which participants then hung on Isaac Newton’s tree. Finally, children also made a Thaumotrope; a Victorian toy, played hopscotch and had the chance to learn sign language. 

Another group of Travel & Tourism students organised an activity on Grantham College's 'Grantham Air' which is a life-size replica plane. Monday 11 March saw 9 Barkston Rainbows and 1 Brownie taking part in the experience. The Rainbows and Brownies were met at Grantham College reception where they were given their tickets and then taken down to check in to Grantham Air. The Rainbows had made their own passports prior to coming which aided their check in process. Children boarded the plane, listened to the safety demonstration and were served drinks & biscuits. They even had the change to try on a lifejacket. This was all followed by a design session where they had to draw their own idea of Cabin Crew uniform which involved a lot of glitter! The college students finished the session by presenting the Rainbows and Brownie with a medal and certificate for taking part.  

Both activities were a brilliant success and fun was had by all.

Links with Grantham Museum and the Rainbows are just a couple of the links Grantham College have with the local community. Throughout the year, all subject areas work with several local businesses, employers and community groups to aid learning and to give something back to the community. If you'd like to be a part of this, pop along to our next open evening on Tuesday 19 March and sign up!