Top 6 tips to survive your first week at college

Whether you are a fresher or returning back to college, the first few days can be daunting. Here are 6 tips to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable first week.

1.     Know your way around

Walk around the whole college and scout out where everything is ahead of time. Don’t wait until the first day of class to figure out where you’re going. Use the map on the Student Induction Booklet (which you will receive on your first day) to find classrooms, library, gym, Refectory, etc.

2.     Be punctual

Make sure you arrive early on the first day of class. Not only will you get a good seat but it’s a good opportunity to meet the teacher and your classmates before. It also leaves a good impression if you are on time.

3.     Bring appropriate equipment

Your tutor will let you know what is required for further lessons on the first day but it doesn’t mean you should turn up unprepared. Not only does it look unprofessional but you might miss out on key information if you don’t have a pen to write with.

4.     Ask questions

The first day of class is usually orientation and getting to know your teacher and your classmates. This is a perfect opportunity to ask any questions that you might have about the course, the college in general or college life.

5.     Make use of the resources

With over 30,000 books in our library and access to The Open Access Computer Centre why not get ahead of your work and make use of the fantastic resources the college has to offer.

6.     Make friends

And lastly, remember that it’s not only your first day! Everyone else is just as nervous on their first week. Sit with someone you don’t know. Make a conversation. Exchange notes. College is all about making experiences which is better if you have a new friend to join you.


Good luck!