Top 5 benefits of taking part in the Erasmus+ scheme

Enjoy an all expenses paid trip abroad on us!

Do you fancy going on an all-expenses paid work experience trip abroad?
With the Erasmus+ scheme you will gain industry experience within your chosen vocational subject area but also have the opportunity to sample the culture, cuisine and lifestyle of the country that you visit.

Here are 5 reasons why you should take part in the Erasmus plus scheme:

1. Increases employability chances

This is one of the main reasons and one of the biggest benefits of taking part in the Erasmus+ scheme. It is proven that an international programme boosts your CV and helps you stand out in the job market.


2. Experience different culture and gain cultural awareness

When you have been living your whole life in the same country, you are not exposed to many changes. When you go abroad you will be able to experience and learn about different cultures but also gain skills to help you become more tolerant and open minded.


3. It’s FREE!

When you go abroad with the Erasmus+ programme, you won’t have to pay for anything and you even get an allowance to go towards your expenses during your time abroad.


4. Make friends

The Erasmus+ scheme pushes people out of their comfort zones and you won’t be the only one that’s nervous! Through this experience you will be able to create stronger relationships with other people that you normally wouldn’t. You will also have the opportunity to meet and work with locals; creating friendships that go beyond the borders.


5. Re-discover yourself

When you are in an unfamiliar place far from your comfort zone, you have no option but to learn how to deal with unexpected situations. Overcoming these obstacles and learning to manage your life within another culture brings maturity, confidence and self-reliance.

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