The Top 5 Apps That Will Change The Way You Learn

Here’s our top 5 apps which are designed to change the way you learn and to finally overcome procrastination.

There seems to be an app for everything. From online shopping to an app that helps you make the perfect cup of tea; all designed to make our lives that much easier.

Here’s our top 5 apps which are designed to change the way you learn and to finally overcome procrastination.

1. Evernote

Evernote will change the way you organize your personal and professional projects. With Evernote you can get organized, sync on all of your devices, share ideas and plan all of your work.

  • Clipping and highlighting articles from the web for academic research
  • Starting your task on one device and being able to continue on another device
  • Annotating documents with comments and thoughts during team meetings, then being able to share with others
  • Increasing productivity by letting multiple participants access and work on different aspects alongside each other

 2. My Study Life

My Study Life is a cross-platform planner for both students and teachers to help manage study life by storing classes, homework and exams in the cloud and having access from any device.

  • Supports week and day rotation schedules
  • Academic calendar to manage your academic life with personal life
  • Can be used offline and is ad-free - no distractions!

3. Easy Bib

Easy Bib is the world’s best and most accurate citation generator.

  • Perfect and accurate citations because they're checked by librarians and teachers
  • Instantly create citations by scanning book barcodes with your phone's camera
  • Use the search tool to create citations for books and websites
  • Export to email so you can send your citations to your inbox quickly

4. Drop Box mobile

Drop Box mobile allows you to store all documents, videos and pictures in one secure place so that you always have them and can share with other people easily.

  • Access your files on any device, even if you are offline
  • Create and edit Microsoft Office files from your iPhone or iPad
  • Share links to your largest files without using email attachments

5. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation uses voice recognition allowing you to easily speak and instantly see your text and is up to five times faster than typing on the keyboard

  • Uses voice-to-text transcriptions that may be sent as SMS, Email, or pasted into any application using the clipboard
  • Convenient editing feature that provides list of suggested alternatives
  • Voice driven correction interface
  • Supports a list of global languages