The main benefits of studying at degree level with us

Grantham College's University Centre soon celebrates its first birthday

Moving away to university or committing to a degree course can be a tough decision.

Grantham College opened its University Centre just over a year ago, offering students the benefit of studying at degree-level while living closer to home and maintaining a normal life.

Have you ever considered pursuing your dreams, but are worried about the barriers that might be in your way? Here’s a list of reasons why studying higher education at Grantham College pays off.

You’ll save money – lots of it

Living in cities or towns close to university campuses can be very expensive. In fact, Times Higher Education estimated that three years of accommodation will set you back £14,625 – and that’s not even including the tuition fees, which are usually more than £9,000 a year! 

Of course, you can apply for loans to cover the cost, but this is a huge sum to owe. Studying at Grantham College and living at home will reduce the pressure of trying to source extra money to cover your costs of education.

Our courses are also significantly cheaper than those found at traditional universities, too. Completing our foundation degrees, before ‘topping-up’, works out as a cheaper option to a three-year course elsewhere. A university education should be an investment, but not one that will hang over your head for the rest of your life.

Staying at home is less risky

The Guardian reported that 6.4% of students left their university courses before they began their second year. However, these people would likely still be contractually obliged to pay a portion of their tuition and accommodation fees.

If you can maintain your usual day-to-day life while studying with us you’ll always have a safety net if things don’t work out. You may be committed to tuition fees, but accommodation can be a particularly risky investment. We don’t want to put anyone off, but just to consider the alternatives! 

You’ll study with a wide range of people

Many of our degree-level students have returned to education after a break, while others have joined us straight after finishing A-Levels or BTECs. It’s a really healthy mix, allowing students to engage in varied conversations, some of which they might not be able to access at university.

Our tutors understand that it’s never too late to study

We believe that age is no barrier to education, and that you’re never too late to chase your dreams. Our college and University Centre are home to many people who may be older than the ‘typical’ student or school leaver, but we feel that’s OK – in fact, we applaud people willing to take risks as they strive to better themselves!