Table tennis player returns to France after year of training

Hippolyte Levy reflects on his year in Grantham

A valued member of our Table Tennis Academy has returned to France following completion of a year studying at Grantham College.

Hippolyte Levy, from Tours, lived in halls in Grantham while training in the sport full-time under coaches Gavin Evans and Natalie Green.

‘Hippo’, as he was commonly known, arrived knowing little English, but knuckled down to learn the language alongside his training.

He said of his time in Grantham: “When I first opened the door of the academy, what impressed me before everything else is that far before the moment where I could understand something in English, I could feel that everyone was driven by the passion and the love of table tennis. 

“I understood that when I saw some people who were entirely committed to dedicating themselves, to handle their aspiration in either fields of table tennis, from athlete to coach or even commentator. 

“Evolving in this environment, created at its roots by the coach and the player, were really inspiring and made me enjoy the process of dedication and commitment even though I wasn’t at first the most passionate, nor the hardest worker.

“Now that I am about to close the door of the academy behind me, what stands out is that what Grantham College’s academy offers you is much more than a table tennis experience. 

“It forces you to adapt yourself in an environment where you evolve at the same time independently and in a group. 

“And I think, for those reasons, Grantham College’s academy is first of all a life experience which allows you to learn and enhances development in your future, and it’s also an experience that you’ll always share with people that you have evolved next to throughout the year. 

“Thanks to everyone who made this year a good year.”

Coaches Gavin and Natalie added: “Hippo has been a valued member of our academy this season, not only for his level of table tennis but also in the way he has embraced the opportunity to be involved in the academy and college life. 

“His main goal of becoming fluent in our English language has been achieved and he has set himself up for the future that he decides to take. 

“For sure he will be missed, but through this link we will ensure that the partnership continues and he will always be welcome back.”