Survival Tips for your first day at College

Grantham College shares its top tips on how to survive your first day at College.

The college year is closer than ever and we know it can be hard coming to a new place, not knowing what to expect. So we’ve pulled together a few little tips on how to prepare yourself for the first day at College.


  1. Come Organised

You might not know what to expect but it always helps to come organised, for example make sure you have a pen and a notepad with you as you won’t want to miss any important details from that day. Also make sure you know the time you need to arrive and where you need to go, staff will be on hand to ask but it always helps to be prepared.


2.  Take part in Activities

Everyone is surely nervous, as you’re all in the same boat. But take part in the activities – this is guaranteed to help you to get to know people and make some really good friends. Also taking part in these activities is guaranteed to leave you feeling less nervous and help you gain some confidence, ready for the rest of the year! Make sure you get involved with our Fresher's Fair contest where you could be in with a chance to win a Fitbit - and of course they'll be a bungee run, gladiator duals and a photo booth!


3.  Ask Questions

While it may seem daunting or you may feel like your question is a little bit silly (it isn’t by the way!) – take this opportunity on the first day to ask your question. Whether it’s about the course or the campus, it's guaranteed that someone will be thinking your exact question. So don’t be afraid, pop your hand up or go up to your tutor after to get the answer you need.


4.  Prepare the night before for the big day.

Get your bag ready, plan your outfit, set your alarm, pack your lunch – these are all things to do before the first day of college! If you’ve prepared for your first day, it’s sure to make your morning go a lot smoother, so even if you do sleep in a little longer than you planned, you won’t be running around like crazy trying to get ready in the morning!


5.  Make use of everything the college offers you

Grantham College offers you many resources and you can even loan out laptops from us. So if you want to get ahead on reading or get started early on your work – take advantage of the library which holds over 30,000 books and hosts a range of other resources such as journals, magazines and DVDs. Our Open Access Computer Centre also hosts 40 PC with Internet Access and Microsoft Office.


6.  Remember to enjoy yourself!

Your first day is likely to be scary but try and remember to enjoy yourself as the year will go so fast. College is about creating memories and experiences, as well as learning a whole range of new things and making friends.


We can’t wait to meet you all! 


If you are still thinking about your next step or interested in joining a college course - Grantham College offers a range of subjects and variety of levels that you can work your way through! Our new University Centre is due to open this September too which will enable Higher Education students to study and spend time in their own dedicated space. It's not too late to apply, so give us a call on 01476 400200 or visit to apply. If you want to chat to us about the courses we could offer you, you can attend our open event on Tuesday 11th September between 5-8pm.