Students take part in all expenses paid trip to Auschwitz

Selected students taken to Krakow to learn about the Holocaust.

Five Graphic Design students were selected to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps in Krakow. The trip took place last week and was sponsored by the Chesterhill Trust. The Holocaust Awareness trip by Kahan Travel was a flying visit with the entire tour lasting less than 48 hours for the five students and two staff members that went.

The group were given a tour of the Jewish Ghetto upon arrival followed by a meal at a traditional Polish restaurant. After breakfast, the 7-hour tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau began. The history of the Holocaust was described and both the staff and students were horrified to see the conditions which Jewish people were subjected to at the concentration camps. Marketing Manager, Jaz Abeysekera who went on the trip said: “it’s disturbing to see how people could treat others in such a way. They were no longer treated as humans and were stripped of their basic human rights along with everything else.

“It’s hard to comprehend that something like this actually happened and thanks to Kahan Travel, people continue to be educated on what went on so that we never forget the lives of those that died and had to live through such a traumatic experience,” Jaz added.

Despite the trip being rather depressing, it was an eye opener and was very well received by the students. “This trip was a great learning experience for our students. It grounded them and made them realise how lucky and privileged they are to live the way they do,” said Jaz. “It was a great opportunity and we are very grateful to both Kahan Travel and Chesterhill Trust for making this trip possible. Without both companies, the students might not have had this experience.”

Graphic Design student, Adam Kimmings said “This is the most amazing trip I’ve ever been on.”

Graphic Design Course Leader, Dave Thomas said: “I am so proud to have taken some of my students to Auschwitz. It was such an emotional experience and so important for them to understand what happened." Harley Smith who also went on the trip added: “Even after seeing it, I still can't even slightly imagine what it could have been like.”

Dave hopes to repeat this trip with a new intake of students in the upcoming academic year to continue educating young people about the Holocaust. He is hoping to combine it with a slightly longer trip to Krakow so that the students can explore the historical city and learn more about the lives of the Jewish people before the Holocaust.

To be able to take part in trips similar to this one, apply for Graphic Design today! Visit our next open day on April 24th or call us on 01476 400200.