Stress busting tips

10 top tips to bust the stress

This week is stress busting week and here at Grantham College, we have a range of activities going on throughout the week to help combat the everyday stress. From a lunchtime walking group to learning how to play table tennis - there's something for everyone this week!

Since GCSEs have started today, stress busting week has come at the right time! Here are our top ten tips to becoming stress free.

1. Switch the TV off and do a trade for a good book.

Immersing yourself into a book and picturing what you're reading not only increases creativity but it also combats stress.

2. Give yoga a try.

Yoga helps improve flexibility and also relieves the mind whilst having quiet time to yourself.

3. Take a walk.

Now that the sun has finally made an appearance, there's no excuse not to get out into the wilderness and clear your mind with some fresh air.

4. Retail therapy.

Our Little Gems shop located within Grantham College has plenty of lovely items, plants & gifts on sale and at great prices!

5. Have a soak.

Candles. Relaxing bubbles. Soothing music. Need we say more?

6. Draw.

Unleash your creative side and pick up a pencil and paper. You don't have to be great at drawing - there are plenty of mindful colouring books on the shelves these days. 

7. Treat yourself to a nice meal or a spot of afternoon tea.

Apple Tree restaurant on the third floor of Grantham College boasts some amazing views and offers a great selection of meals that won't break the bank. We have afternoon tea for just £7.50 per head on 12-14 June. (Call 01476 400227 to book ahead)

8. Give a mindfulness class a go.

Mindfulness is an upcoming activity and classes are highly sought after. It's a great way to empty your mind (or fall asleep!) and have some quiet time to yourself.

9. Meet a friend.

Original but a sure fire way to boost your happiness levels. Whether it's over a coffee or a glass of wine - friends are always a good cure to turning that frown upside down.

10. Treat yourself to a spa session.

R&R salons treatments are all completed by our professional students. It helps them learn and helps you to combat your stress levels. Relax with a massage, a hair treatment or simply have your nails done! Call 01476 400237 to book your treatment.