Stop Food Waste Day encourages all to take cautionary steps

The food thrown away internationally could feed 1bn people

People all over the world are being encouraged to reduce the amount of food they throw away on April 24 - Stop Food Waste Day.

According to the organisers of the event, a shocking 33 per cent of all food produced is wasted.

This food could be used to feed nearly a billion people.

Stop Food Waste Day’s mission is “to draw attention to the problem of excessive food waste, as well as create and share creative and impactful solutions.”

The organisation believe small changes to peoples’ habits can make a huge difference. These alterations could be as simple as ensuring food is disposed of properly, or ordering smaller portion sizes.

Stop Food Waste Day coincides with the college's estates team's Environmental Awareness Week. The refectory produces large amounts of waste every day, which the estates team are looking to combat.