Staff and students celebrate their successes at annual awards ceremony

Grantham College celebrates star students

Thursday 6 July saw Grantham College hold its annual awards ceremony. This year is the College’s 70th birthday and therefore the theme was Platinum. The evening celebrates the achievements of its star students and this year, introduced a staff award which is nominated by students.

The ceremony was celebrated by over 320 people including the award winners, family and friends, staff members of the college and sponsors of the night.

Ex-student and current Graphic Designer at the college, Chelsea Toulson was welcomed to the stage by Chief Executive, Linda Houtby to present the guest speech. Chelsea spoke of her time at Grantham College, how it helped her pursue her dream career and how she felt about returning to the college after many years. Chair of Governors, Mos Kalbassi was also welcomed to the stage to open the evening and both gave very upbeat, inspiring and motivational speeches which got the night off to a great start.

One hundred and two students won awards, with Jeremy Burton being crowned the winner of Student of the Year. Business lecturer, Linda Chapman won Staff Member of the Year. Work Experience Placement Provider of the Year went to Woodhead Group who have provided several students with worthwhile work experience with many wanting to return on a part time basis.

Principal, Paul Deane welcomed all award winners to the stage and refreshed everyone’s memories with good news and success from the past academic year.

The audience enjoyed a performance from Level 3 Performing Arts students. They had produced two great songs and a spoken performance and received a great applause at the end.

The evening brought to a close by Learning Development student, Calum Wilson who congratulated students and staff, wished the college a happy 70th birthday and thanked everyone for attending.


Special thanks go to our sponsors who made the evening possible; RAF Wittering, IML Technology, NCS, SKDC, Bishop Grosseteste University, Eve Taylor and Salon Services.


Congratulations to all our award winners and we wish you well whether you are returning to study next year, have gained employment or taking a gap year.