Royal Marines give Public Service Students a 'Look at Life'

Grantham College Public Services Students get a 'Look at Life' as they embark on a week with the Royal Marines

On the 8th Oct 18, 10 students from the Public Services courses at Grantham College set off down the motorway on the long trip to Lympston, South Devon, home of the Royal Marines. The students were embarking on a week-long ‘Look at Life’ to see if the life and training of a Royal Marine was something that they wanted to pursue as a future career.

Over the next 3 days the students took part in a series of physical tests, information sessions and teambuilding activities. Each activity highlighted the need to demonstrate high levels of fitness, self-discipline and a willingness to help and support others. An ethos that is paramount in all of the Public Services. A lack of discipline was often swiftly dealt with by more exercise!

Tuesday saw the students experience part of the infamous endurance test which requires Royal Marines to take part in a 2-mile obstacle course before running back to camp, a further distance of 4 miles. Luckily, they only had to take part in the obstacle course, which consisted of lots of crawling through tunnels, ditches and streams, all of which were generally full of water and mud. The famous ‘sheep dip’ where students had to work in groups of 3 to pass each other through a tunnel completely full of very cold water. A hard introduction, but they all enjoyed it! Or so they say. 

At 9am on Wednesday the students were in the gym being tested on their endurance by performing as best they could in the bleep test, press ups, sit ups and chins and swimming test followed as it is a requirement to be able to swim a certain distance. They finished with fun and games in the pool, demonstrating their ability to somersault off a diving board or not in many cases. A busy morning was followed in the afternoon by the ‘bottom field’, again another classic Royal Marines test of speed and endurance over and under different obstacles. The weather was not kind to the students as it was very warm and intake of fluids was essential in allowing the students to keep going. In the end they were all timed around the course with a time of 5 minutes the time to beat.

On the final day the students were tested by completing a 3-mile run. The first mile and a half as a squad and then a free run back as quick as they could. They then all went out onto Woodbury Common where they learnt about field craft and being able to look after yourself in arduous conditions. At the end of the day the students handed all their kit back in and relaxed in the evening. This relaxing evening was very much needed after such a busy few days!

Looking back on the week it was certainly an experience that the students will not forget and it highlighted the standards that the Royal Marines and other Public Services expect of those wishing to join. 

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