Refectory switches to plant-based products to reduce waste

Vegware, which biodegrades in a matter of weeks, will be used in place of plastic

Significant steps have been taken in Grantham College’s Refectory to reduce waste with the introduction of new biodegradable food packaging.

From September, all plastic containers and cutlery will be replaced with an alternative product known as Vegware, which is plant-based.

While single-use plastic products can take hundreds of years to decompose in the earth, Vegware typically takes a matter of weeks.

Karen Duller, Catering Functions Manager at Grantham College, believes the change will go a long way to reducing the college’s impact on the environment. 

She said: “We have decided to look at biodegradable products because you cannot recycle plastic if there is food waste on it. Vegware takes 12 weeks to biodegrade.”