Reasons to be a student at Grantham College

Studying with us opens up pathways you might never have thought existed!

Thinking of attending our next open evening? Here’s some reasons which will make you want to be a student here! Whether you are planning your next steps after leaving school or looking to return to education, Grantham College is able to cater for people from a variety of ages, backgrounds and lifestyles.

We offer courses from a range of subjects

Grantham College offers courses from Entry Level all the way to University Level 5. There is a wide variety of subjects to choose from, from Hairdressing and Construction to Business Studies and Science. All courses are delivered by fully-qualified and professional tutors, who each aim to provide their students with the platform to succeed. 

A large proportion of our lecturing staff have come from industry too, which helps provide students with experience and tips which prepare them for the real world of work. 

Our students go on to secure university places

Many of our students have demonstrated exceptional ability to the point that leading universities have offered them places. In addition, our Access to Higher Education course provides students returning to education after time away with the skills required to go through the UCAS process.

We can work around your other commitments, and it’s never too late 

Those not seeking full-time education are still welcome at Grantham College. We run various courses that only require part-time attendance, allowing you to balance your studies around work and family lives. From Spanish to Italian cookery, there’s something for everyone.

Our students exceed their own expectations

There have been numerous occasions where students at Grantham College have dreamt big and go on to bigger and better things than they ever imagined they would. We collate success stories of students who have managed amazing achievements. These can be found on our website at

We prepare students for the real world 

Every school leaver who attends Grantham College undertakes a work placement as part of their course. This may be a young person’s first experience of employment, and helps to enhance their CV and job prospects. Students are encouraged to find a placement in a setting related to their subject. Previously, students have worked in salons, retail stores, law firms, local businesses plus a range of other environments. 

Visit us at our next open event on Thursday 22 August at 3-6pm and let us help you find your way!