Public Services students take on RAF College Competition

10 Grantham College Public Services Students show determination in RAF College Competition

On Wednesday 17th October, a team of 10 students from the Public Services courses represented Grantham College at the annual RAF College Competition at RAF Wittering. The competition showcased some of the skills and qualities that the RAF expect of those wishing to join and tested them in a variety of situations and activities. 

The activities that the students took part in were; drill, mile and a half squad run, press ups and sit ups, indoor rifle range (DCCT), a presentation on a trade in the RAF and a quiz about the RAF. 9 other colleges and 6th forms were present beside Grantham and competition was fierce throughout the day although very friendly. 

The mile and a half squad run was the first event and all of the students stuck together and indeed were complimented on their teamwork by other members of staff. A great credit to themselves and the college. Press ups and sit ups followed and some very good scores were recorded. 

A bit of a break then followed whilst the team had a look around the various stands set up by the RAF to promote different trades within the service before moving onto the RAF Quiz. A variety of questions certainly tested the students’ knowledge of the RAF. 

After lunch, the team moved into the indoor range where 4 of them took part in a 20 round single target shoot. Having only practiced once before the team performed well with an overall 4th position. The presentation followed and some slightly nervous students stood up in front of 2 other colleges and the staff from the RAF. A good effort despite the nerves and a few forgotten words.

Finally, the drill competition: a very relaxed team performed to an outstanding level according to the drill instructor marking the event. A very worthy 1st place for the team which demonstrates the hard work and discipline of the team. 

Whilst the team did not win the overall competition, they produced some excellent results and demonstrated that with a little hard work and concentration they can achieve goals that they did not think were achievable at the start of the day.