Public Services Students gain practical, hands on experience on their recent excursion

Our Public Services courses offer more than just qualifications; they are designed to give students a real head start in their chosen career.

With great links to the military and uniformed services our students are always involved in many activities and excursions allowing them to gain practical, hands on experience.

Our students recently took part in a Royal Marines presentation in Louth and a teambuilding activity day at RAF Cranwell.

They first attended the Royal Marines presentation and familiarisation day near Louth, Lincolnshire. The day consisted of a full range of activities that showed what the Royal Marines do and the type of training that they take part in. Whilst some of the activities were cancelled due to the weather the students were able to partake in a physical training lesson, they were introduced to the different types of weapon systems, received a careers brief and even got an opportunity to ride in one of the landing craft plants that are used for beach landings.

The following week, the students then went to RAF Cranwell to take part in a teambuilding and activities day. The activities were designed to improve their communication skills, trust and determination while having some fun along the way. Many of the students were taken out of their comfort zone especially during some of the blindfolded and the trust fall activities. However, the students all came out victorious as they outperformed their expectations and were able to develop the various skills required of the services.  

These are just a couple of exciting trips that you can expect to be part of when you study Public Services with us. Others include an Adventurous Training expedition in Wales, work with the fire station, competitions with local colleges plus much more!

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