Leah finds college supportive on return

Seeking a promotion, Leah re-enrolled at Grantham College for more qualifications

When Leah Krohn found herself in need of extra qualifications to achieve a promotion, she knew she could turn to “supportive” Grantham College for help. 

Having previously attended the college in her younger years, Leah was required to pass Level 2 Functional Skills in Maths to advance in her career as a midwife.

Leah drew on her past experience at the college and decided to enrol on the part-time course to work around her everyday life. 

Having since managed to pass the course, Leah said: “I didn’t think I would manage to study and pass the exam while being a single parent and working. 

“But I was able to achieve this with the support of my tutor and working together with new friends.”

Paul Cartwright, Leah’s tutor, believes the college can positively impact the lives of everyone, even if they have finished school.

He said: “We want people to know that Grantham College makes a difference.”