Kick start 2018 with our Community Learning Courses

The New Year is always filled with many promises and resolutions. From getting fit or finding a new job to travelling more or learning a new language; we have a range of Community Learning Courses to help you make your goals into a reality.

Here are 5 reasons how:

1. Live a healthy lifestyle

Making a few changes in your lifestyle can help you become healthier and live a longer life. And, it can be fun! Our Dance Yourself Fit course is a great way to not only get active but to also learn some new moves.

2. Get your dream job

Do you feel like you are not working to your full potential? With many short courses that run during the evening you will be able to learn new skills while being able to manage your personal life. You will be able to enhance your CV so that you can stand out and get the job you have always wanted.

3. Discover a new hobby

We all lead very busy lives and it can be difficult to find time for yourself not to mention time to fulfil your hobbies. Whether it is cooking, dancing or crafts give yourself some “me-time” this year and discover a new passion.

4. Learn a new language

“I’d love to speak a new language but…”

How many times have you heard yourself say that phrase? By learning a new language not only will you be able to impress your friends but you will also be able to discover new opportunities and be able to establish meaningful relationships with different cultures.

5. Meet new people

From sharing ideas, making new friends to even finding a new job by meeting new people you will be open to many opportunities.

These are just the few benefits that you can achieve from doing a community learning course with us. For more information on all the various community learning courses we offer please visit:

Alternatively, contact us on 01476 400200 or email