If the rain comes: how to stay motivated!

Are you suffering from a lack of motivation? Look outside — it may be the weather.

If you feel less motivated than usual on those days, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to stay motivated to continue working, but the work must be done. Here's our top tips on how you can stay motivated, especially on rainy days.

1. Be bright!

Wear cheerful colours and add some colour to your room, office or home. Whether it’s a vase of flowers or a photo of palm trees on a beautiful beach in the Caribbean, bringing some brightness into the room can go a long way towards improving your mood! 

2.  Singin’ in the rain 

You probably already know that listening to upbeat music is often enough to make your dreary mood go away! It doesn't have to be about rain, pick what works for you. 

3. Make a list

Getting focused on getting going can sometimes take some work. Make a list of what you need to get accomplished that day and prioritise those tasks. Put time limits or deadlines on the tasks and include some time in the list for interruptions. Once you’ve knocked out three or four of them, you’ll be ready to stick out your chin and grin and tackle the bigger tasks that await you.


4. You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella!

Plan to do something active outside when the clouds part. Go to a museum, go for a walk or go in to town with friends. Whatever you enjoy doing, make plans to go out and do it! Don't forget to take an umbrella with you just incase the heavens do open!