How to gain work experience abroad at Grantham College

Grantham College has offered the opportunity for its students to travel and work abroad for several years now as part of their course programme. It is a fantastic opportunity which is fully funded* by the European Commission Fund and offered up by Erasmus+ which is the European Union programme for education, training, youth & sport.

Over the past few years some of our lucky students have travelled as far afield as Tenerife, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria & more recently to Malta.

Erasmus+ trips offers students an experience which is far reaching. In some instances their Erasmus+ trip has greatly helped with their UCAS application. The trips have given them the experience of leaving home and living independently for the first time, whilst still remaining within the network of friends and with an experienced tutor on hand to mentor them in case of any problems. They have experienced European culture first hand in a real working environment whilst managing their own money & work schedules. All of this has been fully funded by the Erasmus+ scheme. What a fantastic opportunity for any student!

During a recent trip to Tenerife Grantham College students ended up working as camera operators in a Tenerife news station. 

Darryl Plummer, Grantham College’s Erasmus+ Co-ordinator went to Tenerife with the media students and said; “Our students ended up filming the president of Tenerife during a live broadcast! They were totally buzzing with the whole experience.”

Jacob Hart who attended the Tenerife Erasmus+ trip said “working as a camera operator in a live television studio gave me first hand experience as to how demanding & satisfying working in television can be.”

Jacob is now studying experimental film production at Staffordshire University and has received firsts for the last two short films that he produced. His university place was accepted in part due to his Erasmus+ experience.

Another student on the Tenerife trip was Cameron Frankcom who said “The trip for me was a great opportunity to work within the industry, to do so outside the UK was something I hadn't had the chance to do before. It was one of my most enjoyable experiences yet and I would recommend it to everyone.”

The process to gain a place on an Erasmus+ trip is by interview and is decided based on achievement & attendance as well as past behaviour records. The interview process has been set up to ensure that all students have a fair chance of taking part. 

As well as our students travelling abroad Grantham College also accepts many students from the Erasmus+ scheme in the EU for work experience here in Grantham. If you are an employer and would be interested in taking students from the EU please contact us as below. Equally if you are a student at Grantham College why not apply to go on a trip? Not only is it fully funded; this fun & cultural experience will stay with you for years to come.

For further information about our Erasmus+ opportunities please contact Darryl Plummer on 01476 400269 or email

* places are offered to students up to the age of 25. All costs are covered except the cost of obtaining a passport.