Holocaust survivor shares his story with Grantham College

On Tuesday 21st February we were privileged to invite Simon Winston to Grantham College, to tell his testimony as a Holocaust survivor.

Simon does this in partnership with the Holocaust Education Trust who organise visits to different Schools and Colleges allowing us to hear first-hand the atrocities and horrors people had to face because of their religion, race, culture, sexuality or disability etc. Simon and the other survivors feel it is important to tell their story to make sure people learn from the holocaust, to see where racism can ultimately lead, and to help students make a difference in their own lives.


140 students from various courses attended and found it fascinating. Staff also found it informative and captivating and thought it was great to hear about the experience first-hand.


To find out more about Simon’s story and the Holocaust Educational Trust please visit: https://www.nationalholocaustcentre.net/