Holly’s creative cover to bind Grantham Writers’ anthology ‘Silver Linings’

Art & Design student designs winning book cover.

Grantham Writers invited students in their first year of level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma Art and Design studies to create a cover for its collection ‘Silver Linings’, as part of its 25-year celebrations.

The students were encouraged by their tutor to explore the history of the group to better gain an understanding of how the Grantham Writers are inspired, and to use mixed media techniques to make their work stand out. They tried printmaking, collage, plastic fusing, digital media and more.

An illustration by fellow student Beatrice Hutchinson will appear on page one.

Nel Arthur, art and design lecturer, said: “I’m really proud of the students’ achievements in generating designs, which worked very well whilst using many different mediums and techniques within art.

“The design that won the competition really captured the celebration of the 25th anniversary.”

Peter Clawson, a member of Grantham writers and editor of the book, said the group – which formed in 1991 – hopes to embark on further joint projects with other local organisations in the future, following the success of the collaboration with Grantham College.

The ‘Silver Linings’ anthology will be published in October.