Has Coronavirus changed the future of our industries?

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Coronavirus and our Industries


In just a few months, we have seen the way we work change completely. From working from home to essential workers, everyone’s job has altered in some way. But the real question is, will it ever return to the way it was before?


If Covid-19 has taught us one thing, it’s how reliant we are on technology. With non-essential businesses forced to close, many turned to the web – whether it was sales, teaching or simply advertising to keep the brand alive. Meetings, classes and social gatherings turned into online get-togethers via Teams or Zoom. Shops became reliant on internet sales with some of them thriving and others quite the opposite. Engineers, print companies and store fitting businesses have changed the way they work in order to provide essential PPE and safeguarding measures for our health care and essential workers using in house tools and 3D printers. So, that begs the question – what will the future workforce look like? Will more people work from home? Will more shops stay online rather than having a customer-facing store? And what does that mean for jobs and careers in the future?


Not only has the outbreak resulted in thousands of innocent lives lost, it has impacted the economy and job security. As apprenticeships, skills-based jobs and trades are ever-increasing, it comes by no surprise that industries are changing. As a college, it’s crucial for us to think about our vocational offer and look at whether it suits the current needs of businesses and employers. We have already expanded our Degree-level options and are currently in the process of renovating Stonebridge House – formally Grantham Police Station – into an Institute of Technology which will house digital, computing and engineering students. Little did we know at the time of hearing of the successful bid how much more crucial this could become in the years to come.


Now, more than ever, it is important for young people to plan wisely and pick a route that will set them up for life. Look at which jobs have been classed as essential but also, which jobs have been essential for keeping businesses afloat despite not actually being classed as ‘essential’. The other thing to bear in mind is what is the best route to get to that career? Is it University? An Apprenticeship? What about Internships? There are so many industries to enter into and it can be confusing picking one that you can be sure of, but, by combining current skills and interests with the everchanging needs of the world around us, you’ll be sure to find the right path.


Jaz Abeysekera

Marketing Manager

Grantham College & University Centre