Grantham College to shutdown social media in aid of Mental Health

We're shutting down our Social Media on Thursday 7th February in aid of the Time to Talk Mental Health day.

Inspired by De Montford University and their Social Media blackout campaign to highlight the effects of social media on mental health – we are getting involved with our own Social Media blackout on Thursday 7thFebruary for the Time to Talk Mental Health awareness day. 

We’re running a social media blackout in aid of Time to Talk day and to raise awareness of the amount of time spent online these days. Marketing Manager, Jaz Abeysekera said: “I can see a big link between social media use and mental health and as a college, it’s something we are trying to help students with and show people that it’s ok to talk about things that are on their minds. Going offline for a day, I hope, will encourage people to have a conversation face to face. I hope that others will join us on this day and who knows, people may even enjoy a bit of time away from a screen!”

We’ll be encouraging both our staff and students to take a day away from social media and encourage them to talk about mental health and break the stigma. For 24 hours, our social media will be on a blackout – no Instagram stories, no Facebook messages and no Twitter! But don’t worry you’ll still be able to get in contact with us by calling our reception on 01476 400200 or emailing us on