Grantham College staff come together for good cause

100 Days Challenge


Grantham College staff are on a mission to raise over £10,000 to pay for Daybreaks Interactive Floor Projector which will stimulate and engage them with over 500 applications

We are encouraging all of our staff to take part in our fundraising activity by giving up a treat or committing to a challenge for 100 days.

This can be a combination of any of the following: alcohol, cake, biscuits, chocolate, make-up, or anything you will struggle with doing without for 100 days. You could challenge yourself to go to the gym for 100 days, walk 10,000 steps a day or something of your choice. You can give up a combination of these for a month at a time for example: alcohol in January, biscuits in February and walk 10,000 steps in March or one for all three months and a bit !

IT Manager, James Meenaghan came up with the idea of 100 days without your favourite things and has vowed to give up cakes, biscuits and alcohol for little over 3 months while Graphic Designer, Chelsea Toulson has promised to give up wearing make up for the duration.

Starts 1st January 2020 and ends 9th April 2020.

The Interactive Floor Projector is a stunning app-based interactive projection system that stimulates and engages learners. Users simply move over the projected apps to interact with them.

The Interactive Floor Projector supports group interaction, allowing several users to interact with the content simultaneously. To extend the range of access options and offer a fully inclusive system, Interactive Floor Projector software will also respond to eye gaze and touch inputs. 

To contribute towards this worthwhile piece of equipment, please donate here: 

To see footage of the sensory carpet in action, watch this short video:

So far, staff have chosen to give up alcohol, biscuits, crisps, puddings, chocolate, whilst others have set themselves a challenge of walking 12,000 steps a day and doing the 3 Peaks Challenge. Some departments are creating their own challenge. One of which includes trying to cover 5938 miles from London to Tokyo ready for the start of the Olympics in July. This will be done through a range of fitness activities such as swimming, jogging, cycling & walking. Another department exercise includes covering 100 miles on an incline of 4.5 on the treadmill. 

What are you giving up or setting as a challenge for yourself? Let us know by contacting the Marketing department!

Challenges include:

James Meenaghan & Tracy Parkes are giving up alcohol, chocolate, crisps and puddings for the duration of the 100 days.

Sarah Done is giving up cheese, bread, alcohol and chocolate for the duration of the 100 days.

Jane Brunt is doing 12,000 steps every day.

Simon Morris has committed to losing one stone.

Wendy Turner will be healthy eating and is aiming for 2 stone weight loss by the end of the challenge.

Chelsea Toulson is giving up lipstick and foundation for January, chocolate for February, crisps in March and biscuits for the last 9 days of the challenge in April.

Anna Peasgood is giving up sugar and will try to stick to it even after the challenge has finished.

Jaz Abeysekera is giving up chocolate and cake for January, chocolate for February, crisps in March and biscuits for the last 9 days of the challenge in April.

Rob Moreland is giving up chocolate and crisps.

Glenys Davey is giving up alcohol.

Paul Deane, Claire Temprell & Sarah High will be completing the 3 peaks challenge.

Eileen Brazil-Sheffield has given up alcohol.

Tina Pringle will be walking 100 miles in 100 days on an incline of 4.5 on the treadmill.

We would like to thank our sponsors who have kindly donated to our challenge: