Grantham College’s Learning Development Centre hosts awards ceremony for local employers

Local employers and students come together to celebrate

A number of local employers were recently invited to celebrate the success and hard work of students from Grantham College’s Learning Development Centre.

Job Coach, Sue Evans who organised the evening said; “The evening was a great success. All the students that came along enjoyed talking about their work experience as well as receiving their certificate of achievement.

“There was great feedback from employers and parents, particularly around the skills the students gained during the course of their placements and the confidence that they now have because of this opportunity. As a real bonus, a number of employers said that they are happy to sign up even more students for the next academic year!”

Marks & Spencer, Great Taste Café, Retox, Downtown, Oceans Gym, Cancer Research UK, Cappuccino’s, Original Factory Shop, Sainsburys, Bailey’s Salon, The Source Café and Grantham College Powersport, Clark’s shoes, Hope Community Café and Specialised Chemical Factory all offered a week’s worth of work experience to students from the Learning Development Centre. The evening was arranged to thank the work placement providers and to celebrate the big steps that the students’ have taken by entering the world of work for a short period of time.

Feedback from Elita Cozens at Children Services was highly praising; “It was really great to see the young people being rewarded, acknowledged and celebrated for their work experience achievements.

“The confidence of young people as they spoke of their experiences publicly was refreshing. I can envisage a few of these young people in paid jobs as they have been given that opportunity to develop those skills they never thought possible when they started on this journey.  

“It was also encouraging to see employers taking an active role in the event; it is very evident that Sue has fostered a professional working relationship with them.

“We should have more events like these in Lincolnshire and will certainly ensure that this exemplary evening is shared with other professionals in colleges and schools. Once again, thank you for a fantastic afternoon.  The delight and pride on the faces of young people and their families will be etched in my memory for some time.”

Learning Development students spoke publically at the event with confidence and joy with many saying they were looking forward to doing it again.

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