Grantham College Art & Design Course Leader, Diana Ali, chosen to mentor potential artists in BBC’s The Big Painting Challenge.

Diana Ali is a course leader at Grantham College for the BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, and also an artist and a curator. She has worked on many freelance projects and shares her knowledge and passion of art through various workshops.

Diana was approached by a BBC producer for The Big Painting Challenge who had followed her impressive work.  “I thought ‘what a privilege when one has been working so hard to make an art career, especially when the current government have little belief in arts education and making money for the arts’. I loved nurturing people on the programme and teaching them how to bring their personalities out through what they painted. It was about listening to them and tutoring where it's hard to say it out aloud”, said Diana.

Art has always played a big role in Diana’s life. “For me, living in Bangladesh and coming to this country, something visual was a way to communicate. It was my language. I realised I wanted a career where I wanted to have a voice and say something about the world. It was free speech and a chance to understand the world”, said Diana.

Diana is currently working towards Grantham College’s annual exhibition with the art and design students. The exhibition will be held at St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham on June 14th and will showcase the importance of art to the local community.

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