Four reasons to join in National Walking Month

May is National Walking Month - will you be joining in?

National Walking Month is upon us. Beginning in May – it’s all about walking; walking to the shops, walking to school…

1)   Walking gives you energy

Walking is great for you if you’re feeling lethargic and in need of an energy boost. Getting outside in the fresh air is bound to make you feel more alert and awake. It’s also great for helping to clear your mind so that you go back to work/lesson/tasks with a fresh pair of eyes and feel much more refreshed. 

2)   You’ll be doing your bit for your environment

Walking is great as it means you’re doing your bit for the environment, by not going out in your car you’re putting less fuels into the atmosphere and helping to save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. You know what they say – every little helps. 

3)   Walking is great for your immune system

Walking out in the sunshine feels great and can really help out your immune system so you feel great in yourself too. By walking outside in the sun, you’re getting an increase of vitamin D which is turn is good for your health. 

4)   Discover things you normally wouldn’t

Your daily commute is often over in the blink of an eye if you drive, sometimes you can’t remember your journey at all. However, if you switch up your routine and begin walking commute, you’re sure to notice things that you wouldn’t normally, which could lead to discovering a new lunch spot or new shop.

So, grab a friend or family member, put on your walking shoes and join in with National Walking Month.