Four ex-students visit Grantham College after 20+ years

We recently received a friendly visit from some familiar faces of the past. Four ex-students visited Grantham College after 20+ years to relive their memories and showcase photos from their time at Grantham College. One included an international student from Hong Kong as Grantham College used to recruit many international students.

(L-R Lisa Chung, Poui Poui Chan, Mandy Ho and Sarah Tang.)


Lisa Chung

Lisa came to Grantham College in 1992 to study A Levels in French, Theatre Studies and Science in Society. She also studied GCSE German and was the Vice President of the National Union of Students. She has a double degree in European Business Administration, as well as an MBA, and has worked in many different countries from France to Japan to Hong Kong, in the financial industry and in start-ups. Lisa now speaks 5 languages.

“I decided to come to Grantham College after I finished my GCSEs at KGGS as Grantham College offered more subject options and moreover, a more open and flexible education system. I also enjoyed the freedom I received with my college life.”


Poui Poui Chan

Poui Poui came to Grantham College in 1984 from Walton Girls High School to study Accounting and Mathematics. After leaving us she has started her own hospitality business and manages property investments.

“The tutors at Grantham College were really great and helped me reach my potential, especially Mrs Keeble; my accounting tutor. The courses were very relevant to real life and to this day I am able to apply my learnings to my own business.”


Mandy Ho

Mandy was an international student who came from Hong Kong in 1987 to Grantham College to study Catering and a Secretarial course. She now owns a catering takeaway business.

“The support that I was given by the college was great and helped me settle down into a new country, improve my English and my studies.”


Sarah Tang

Sarah came to Grantham College as the subjects she wanted to pursue were not available at KGGS. She joined us in 1987 to study A Levels including Sociology and Art. After leaving Grantham College she has been working in the Customer Service industry and had even started her own Catering Business.

“By coming to Grantham College I was able to rediscover my Chinese heritage and learn Cantonese by being able to interact with the many International students from Hong Kong.”



Grantham College International students celebrating New Year


Students reading the Valentine's Booklet 1988




Grantham College Valentine 1988 Booklet. To read the full booklet:


It was great seeing you ladies! Thank you for visiting us and we wish you all the best in the future.