Five reasons to choose College

Are you considering continuing onto sixth form at your school or have you been thinking about a college experience?

Both establishments have valuable pros and cons depending on what kind of experience you are looking for. However, before you make your final decision make sure you read our top 5 reasons why choosing a college may be better suited for you.


Colleges offer a wide range of courses and qualifications in different subject areas from catering, animal care, public services and many more. You can do a course that is well suited for you and your future goals and there are more qualifications on offer than just A Levels; from BTECs to Apprenticeships, we’ve got you covered!


In school, you don’t get much free time. At college, timetables are organised differently. They are more flexible, allowing you to manage your personal life and college life better. Alongside your college work, you may have time to work part time or volunteer in order to further enhance your CV.


Unlike school, there isn’t one.

4.Adult environment

You are treated as an adult at college. You will be expected to have the maturity and self-discipline to manage your own time, studies and deadlines in the absence of teachers watching over you. As a bonus, you will call your tutors by their first names rather than Miss or Sir.

5.New friends

If you decide to stay at your school for sixth form you will be in a familiar environment where you know most of your classmates and other students. In college, you will be exposed to different people from different schools and even different age groups as some students may be returning to education. You will have a great opportunity to connect and make new friends to share your college experiences and discover new opportunities.

Whatever you decide to choose we wish you all the best!

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