Election candidates take part in educational hustings

Representation from 3 out of the 4 parties were in attendance

Candidates from Grantham & Stamford constituency took part in an educational hustings event at Grantham College on Friday 6 December. All parties bar Conservatives were represented in a heated debate about why local people should vote for them and the positive changes their political parties would implement for the nation.

Anne Gayfer represented the Green Party, Kathryn Salt represented Labour and Harrish Bisnauthsing for Liberal Democrats. Each candidate started off with a three-minute introduction about them and their party. This was followed by clever and challenging questions from students. Some questions were aimed at a specific party and others were open for discussion by all three candidates. Questions included “if we were to vote Labour, is the party for or against Brexit?” to which Kathryn’s response was supportive of Jeremy Corbyn “sitting on the fence” about Brexit. Other questions included “what will be done to support further education colleges more?” and “how will you help young people to get decent jobs that will lead to a stable career?" 

Discussions included transportation issues, the closure of A&E in the evenings, economical and environmental issues and of course, the hot topic of Brexit. 

Despite not all students in attendance being old enough to vote, students were engaged and asked sensible questions to help voters make an informed decision about the future of the country.