Catering and Learning Development Students join forces to bring a high-class dining experience at Apple Tree Restaurant

For £10 you can now enjoy an exclusive, 3 course meal at one of Grantham’s best kept secrets.

The Catering students will be handpicking appetizers, entrées and desserts that complement one another to create an enticing menu. The senior students will then replicate senior roles and work together with the other students to produce high-quality meals; from ordering ingredients, preparing the food and skilfully plating their masterpieces.

Students from Trans X and Trans X Plus courses will be providing all the hospitality features of the restaurant.  The students will be setting up the tables with their chosen table décor before opening the restaurant and will be providing excellent customer service; from greeting diners, taking orders, managing payment and answering customer queries.

The venture has been a great way for all the students to gain a real life experience as they collaborate with students from different departments, gain skills in their trade and are exposed to real customers.

This is the first time that students with a learning disability, from the Learning Development Centre have had responsibility for the Hospitality side of the Apple Tree restaurant and have already had a great couple of weeks. "It has been a great opportunity for the Learning Development students as they have been able to meet new people, gain valuable experience and are now confident to take part in future roles in the workplace,” said Lisa Smith, Learning Development Curriculum Manager.

The students will be serving lunch at Apple Tree every Tuesday and Friday from 12-1. If you would like to be part of this dining experience please make sure you make a reservation due to limited spaces. Book now by calling 01476 400227 or emailing Andrea Metcalf at

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