Business students start own companies

Real life business experience within the College environment.

With so much competition and constant change in the fast-paced business environment, students now need to be more adaptable and have more enterprise skills than ever before.

Our BTEC Business Diploma course’s units have been designed strategically to help students gain real life business focussed experience by introducing the Young Enterprise programme. It entails students setting up and running a real-life firm for up to a year. It will equip students with the skills, attitudes and entrepreneurial experience to build successful careers, achieve real business success or foster key personal and enterprise skills for their future. It’s the ultimate business enterprise experience, with the option to gain a recognized qualification along the way.

Our level 3 year 2 students have set up two firm in their teams; Saturn and Recharged. Saturn are selling phone accessories from phone cases, earphones, chargers, USB cables etc. Recharged are selling portable chargers. Both teams have been involved in all of the day to day activities of running a business from product development, managing finances, selling, advertising and even presenting to prospective shareholders to buy shares in their businesses.

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