Bush Tucker Lunch

4 staff members bravely attempt The Apple Tree's very own Bush Tucker Lunch!

Paul Deane - Acting Principal, Drew Richardson-Walsh - Assistant Principal, Lee Cope - Curriculum Manager & Chris Williams - Public Services Course Leader bravely took part in Grantham College's very own Bush Tucker Lunch hosted by Apple Tree Restaurant this afternoon. They enjoyed a 5 course meal with delicacies such as fennel & ginger ice cream with fish eyes and meal worms and had to wash it down with a cocktail of milk, raw egg, cottage cheese, meal worm, tapioca, Worcester sauce and fish eyes.

Chris proved that he would survive in the wild, as he tucked into and almost completed each course and actually looked like he was enjoying it!
Lee gave everything a go, but clearly hasn’t the stomach of Chris (or taste buds!)
Drew and Paul obviously don’t appreciate the delicacies of fine dining as they didn’t seem very impressed with the foods they had been served. They discarded a few courses between them in a very unsightly manner!

The money that has been raised will go to Grantham Food Bank and Hospitality Action. Once it has been counted we will confirm how much they managed to raise between them.

Well done, Gents!

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