#BeBoldForChange for International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day. A campaign called #BeBoldForChange has been launched to coincide with it which aims to create a better working world where it is more inclusive and gender equal.

Here at Grantham College, we have many female staff members working in different departments and all from different backgrounds; all of which, are doing a fantastic job and are always going above and beyond to create the best environment for their colleagues and the students.


In honour of today we want to introduce you to the Chief Executive for Grantham College, Linda Houtby. Linda has had a successful, thriving career predominantly within the educational sector. As a Psychology graduate Linda began teaching A Level Psychology and quickly progressed onto being the curriculum head and became a director by the age of 34. By the age of 43 she was a principal and has now spent a total of 30 years in FE. She is also Chair of AoC East Midlands, EMFEC and ABC; Vice Chair of SEG and is a Parish Councillor.


Linda’s biggest inspiration is her mother, she is an animal lover who has rescued 21 ferrets over the years and owns 4 lurches’. In her spare time she likes doing crafts and horse riding; of which she only learnt at the age of 40 with a group of 6 year olds.


Thank you, Linda, for being bold and inspiring all with your leadership.


Who is your female inspiration? Tweet us at @GranthamCollege with #BeBoldForChange