A COVID-Secure College: September 2020 Reopening

Close up of Grantham College and University Centre sign on the front of the building

How Grantham College will reopen safely in the Autumn term

The below guidance applies from the beginning of the 2020/21 academic year (September 2020). It is subject to changes in Governmental and local directives.

From September 2020, teaching at Grantham College will resume on our COVID-secure campus. Some elements of our curriculum will continue to be delivered remotely to enable us to limit the number of students on our sites at any one time. Student timetables will clarify which lessons are on campus and which are remote.

View our New & Returning Students Covid-19 Guide 


Enrolment data collection will be carried out remotely this year. We have already started to contact applicants for full-time and part-time courses, to ask for the enrolment information stipulated by the Government. We are also asking applicants to email in a photo of themselves for their student ID card, and photos of their exam results. The photos can be taken on a phone. Results and certificates should also be brought in on the full time  Enrolment\Induction day where tutors will check against course entry requirements. All documents should be sent to businesssupport@grantham.ac.uk

Full time students will be sent an email or letter detailing the procedure for their first day at college. These will be sent w/c 17th August 2020. Applicants will be invited in for an Enrolment\Induction day where their tutor will introduce them to their course and the College and also help them sign off their enrolment. If students do not meet the entry requirements of their preferred course they may be offered an alternative or lower level course, to enable them to build the skills they need to progress to their chosen profession. If a suitable alternative cannot be found the student will referred for consultation with a career advice expert.

If you have not yet applied for a course please do so via the College website. If you need assistance with the application process please ring 01476 400200 where our Advice and Guidance Team will be available to assist.


Following Government guidelines, it is a national priority for all students to return to education in schools and colleges in September. This is to minimise as far as possible the longer-term impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on young people’s education, wellbeing and wider development. College attendance will therefore be mandatory again from the start of term, and our usual practices of weekly recording, monitoring, and following up non-attendance with Student Mentors and the normal sanctions will recommence.

Self-Isolating and Shielding

A small number of students will still be unable to attend in line with public health advice because they are self-isolating and have had symptoms or a positive test result themselves, or because they are a close contact of someone who has Coronavirus.  They should let their Student Mentor know that they are self-isolating, provide the
relevant dates, and plan to recommence attending College following the designated period of self-isolation if and when clear of symptoms.

The Government’s shielding policy stopped on 1 August 2020, subject to a continued decline in the rates of community transmission of Coronavirus. This means that the small number of pupils who remain on the shielded patient list can also return to College, as can those who have family members who are shielding.

Prevention on Campus

Information is in place across our buildings reminding students and staff of the following key messages:

 Wear a mask where the 1 metre distance cannot be adhered to
 Maintain social distance
 Wash hands regularly with soap and water, or sanitize
 Avoid touching your face
 For coughs and sneezes: Catch It, Bin It, Kill It

If you develop these symptoms – new persistent cough, temperature, loss of taste or smell: Inform staff, who will arrange for you to leave campus and self-isolate following the latest Government guidelines.  It is vitally important that students, staff and other adults follow Government guidelines if they have Coronavirus symptoms, or have recently tested positive.

Anyone developing those symptoms during the day will be sent home. As Public Health England has stated – routinely taking the temperature of individuals is not recommended as it is an unreliable method for identifying Coronavirus. For this reason, we will not systematically be taking everyone’s temperature on entering and leaving College. However, we will take your temperature if you are experiencing Coronavirus symptoms and have been asked to return home.

If you develop symptoms away from College, you must inform your Student Mentor or telephone 01476 400200, and follow the Government advice regarding self-isolation.  If you live in a shared household, you must self-isolate for 14 days or 7 days if you live on your own.

‘Bubbles’ and Social Distancing

All students at Grantham College will be assigned to a ‘bubble’. This will typically comprise students in the same subject area (e.g. Construction students will form one ‘bubble’; Health and Social Care students will form a separate and different ‘bubble’, and so on). Students are required to remain within their ‘bubble’ while in College,
including at breaks and lunch-times.

To help identify separate ‘bubbles’, all students will be provided with colour-coded ‘bubble’ lanyards when they arrive at College for Induction. When in the ‘bubble’, there is not a need to follow the 2m social distancing guideline, provided individuals remain physically within the ‘bubble’. When moving around College, 2m social distancing must be followed in relation to anyone who is not in your ‘bubble’.

Corridors have been clearly marked where there are one-way systems. Priority-flow signage for stairwells, entrances and exits will be in place. Students and staff will be asked not to loiter, form groups outside of subject-area bubbles, or sit in corridors, and signs are in place as reminders.  All lifts will be limited to one person at a time and should only be used by those with mobility issues.

Careful timetabling including, where possible, staggered break times and staggered start and finish times will reduce the number of students on our sites at any one time.  Numbers will be limited at any one time in communal areas like our library. Door signs will display maximum occupancy of teaching and non-teaching rooms.

Our Refectory will be open at lunchtime and students will be allocated a set-time for their subject-area bubble to use this facility.

Our security staff and COVID-19 marshal will work with our wider staff to ensure distancing is maintained across College.

Clean Hands

Washing hands is essential to combat against Coronavirus. This can be done with soap and running water or hand sanitiser. Staff and students must ensure they clean their hands thoroughly and at regular intervals, including when they arrive at our sites, when they return from breaks, when they change rooms and before and after eating.
To help we this we have:
 Installed advice on effective hand-washing in all toilet areas
 Installed hand-hygiene stations across all of our sites
 Placed reminders on frequently touched equipment to remind staff and students to
wash their hands or sanitise.

‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’

The ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach continues to be very important and we will be promoting it across all of our sites. We will ensure enough tissues and bins are available to support our students and staff to follow this routine. As with hand cleaning, we will ensure those with complex needs are helped to get this right. Strict rules will be in place to prevent spitting on any of our sites. Students with complex needs will be supported to help them achieve this.

Face Masks

Face coverings are required at all times on public transport and in shops and food outlets when not dining-in.
As of 1 September, face masks are required in College in areas where you cannot guarantee at least a 1-metre distance from others.

Enhanced Cleaning

We will ensure that all classroom and office spaces are cleaned to a high standard daily. Toilets will be checked and cleaned regularly. Checking schedules will be visible in all toilets so users can see when they were last cleaned.
In classrooms and workshops, students will be encouraged to take responsibility for the cleanliness of their workstation and equipment with their tutors, helping them to clean equipment before use. All frequently touched equipment will be cleaned daily.

Our staff will be encouraged to sanitise their own desk spaces, computer equipment and phones at the beginning and end of their working day. Equipment will be provided to help with this.

What is the Plan for Apprentices?

Our apprenticeship business will continue as normal. We are signing up new apprentices with local firms and college-based learning and workplace visits will continue in line with College and employers’ risk assessments. All  assessors/trainers will be required to complete a ‘Visit’ risk assessment prior to travel. As with our students, a blended learning approach will be taken for apprentices, combining in person visits and remote delivery.

Travel to and Arrival at College

Wherever possible our students should avoid public transport and walk, cycle or drive to College. If travelling to College via public transport, please remember it is a Government requirement to wear a face covering. The College does have a safe secure bike storage facility should students wish to use it. Please also refer to the Government’s safer travel guidance for passengers.

Some start times will be staggered and this will be indicated on our students’ timetables. We will be asking our students to arrive via their designated entrance point just in time for their first lesson and not to come to College hours before. We will also ask them to leave College promptly after their last timetabled session. Staggered start
and finish times will limit contact between students and the wider public.