6 reasons why you should run for Student Union Elections

The Student Union is run by students for students and with the nominations for the elections approaching this is your chance to choose who should lead.

There are many roles within the union; one might even be something which you would be great at. So, here are 6 reasons why you should go for it:


  • Good for UCAS applications

Nowadays Universities are looking for more than just your grades and want to see you being involved in extra non-curricular activities. By being part of the Student Union your UCAS application will automatically stand out from the rest.


  • Good for your CV

 You will gain many transferable skills such as managing budgets, campaigns, running meetings and much more that will be attractive to potential future employers.


  • Ability to drive change

You will have a direct say in how the Union is run as well as play a prominent role in improving students' lives.


  • Meet new people

 You will meet new and interesting people and students from different courses and backgrounds that you normally wouldn’t interact with.


  • Be part of a unique experience

You will be in a unique position, along with the other representatives where you all collectively manage and take part in activities, events, opportunities and meetings that will give you a range of experiences and make your time at College even more memorable.


  • Improve your self-confidence 

You'd be able to talk to dozens of students throughout the elections period and become an expert on students' views. You’ll have the chance to present your views & opinions and will raise them in what can sometimes be a formal environment which is a great achievement.


Tempted? For more information on how you can apply, please see Amy Goswell at the Reception desk or email her at agoswell2@grantham.ac.uk