5 Reasons to attend Grantham College

With Enrolment week commencing next week on Wednesday 22nd August, where you can enrol onto your courses or apply on the spot, we've put together 5 reasons why you should choose Grantham College!

Results day will be here before you know it, and if you’re still not sure what to do when September rolls around, don’t worry. We’re sharing 5 reasons why you should choose Grantham College for your next step!


  1. A whole range of subjects with specialised courses.

Unlike traditional A-Levels, here at Grantham College we offer you the chance to study and get hands on experience with a number of specialised subjects such as our Catering courses or our Public Service courses – making it easier for you to know what will be expected for your future job role.


2. Free all-expense paid trips!

Yes, you definitely read that right. Certain subjects will allow you to take part in the Erasmus+ scheme where you’ll get two weeks in a European country. You’ll get to experience a new culture, learn some interpersonal skills, gain confidence and get to explore a new place with your friends – and all for free!


3. Hands-on real life experience

Our subject areas will allow you to get hands-on experience in real-life situations! Our travel and tourism courses allow you to learn in a real-life air cabin, our Beauty courses have their own salon which is open to the public and our Catering students get to create magnificent dishes in our Apple Tree Restaurant.


4. Grantham College Student Union

Being a part of GCSU means you’ll get a say in a number of different things in the college, not to forget you can help organise charity and fundraising events, set up societies and organise society events. Not to forget as part of Grantham College you’re also eligible for a NUS card where you’ll get loads of discounts from high street retailers, restaurants and activities.


5. Grantham College Fresher’s Fair

In the first week of College you’ll get to experience Grantham College Fresher’s fair where you’ll be able to get to know people, have some fun with friends and try some new things. Highlights of the fresher’s fair include a photo booth, festival face-painting, a bungee run and free sweets!


That’s just 5 of the reasons you should consider coming to College, but we have loads more reasons too such as our wonderful and dedicated tutors! Why not see what you could achieve with a course from us. There’s still time to apply for September!

Pop in and see us, or contact us on:


01476 400200