12 days of GC Christmas: Day Twelve - Party games to play this festive season

Party games for the whole family to play this Christmas and New Year’s!

Christmas is about family and what’s better than spending time with them and playing some great games! Of course, there are some classics, the ones that are likely to cause arguments and just the plain right strange ones.So for our final day of festive posts we're sharing these games that you’re sure to have a great time playing. 

 1)   Stocking guessing game

Probably one of the most simple but effective games. Grab a stocking and some obscure objects or festive themed objects, put them in the stocking and tie the end up with ribbon so you can’t see inside. Then pass around and see who can correctly guess what is in the stocking. The person with the most correct guesses is the winner.

2)   Christmas drawing game

Grab some paper plates and pens and draw a Christmas tree. Sound easy? Well in that case, put the plate on top of your head and try draw the Christmas scene. The player with the best drawn scene is the winner! 

3)   Who am I?


Grab some sticky notes and write down some celebrities. Pick one at random and stick it on your head then go around the group asking yes or no questions to see if you can guess who you are. The winner is the first to guess correctly. 

Make this even more fun by downloading the ‘Heads up!’ game and see how many you can guess correctly before the time runs out.

4)   Monopoly

A family favourite but remember to play with caution. This famous game is likely to cause arguments because one person has bought all the blues and not given anyone else a chance but it is a classic. Plus, with so many editions of the game out, you’re likely to find one that is themed to your liking. 

5)   The Christmas wrapping game

Very easy and simple game but sure to provide lots of laughs. Grab a wrapped present (something not breakable), a hat, scarf and some oven gloves. Pass the parcel around until the music stops and whoever has the parcel when the music stops put on the hat, scarf and oven gloves and then try and unwrap the present. Start the music whenever you see fit and repeat. The winner is the one who unwraps the present fully. (Tip: the make this even harder, wrap multiple layers.)

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!